Kabatas High School, Since 1908

Kabataş East Asia & World Project for a better and more peaceful world

Commemoration ceremony for the fallen soldiers of Canada & Turkey at the Battle of Gallipoli

UN Resident Coordinator in Turkey conducts a seminar regarding the efforts UN for world peace

Consul General of Japan in Istanbul delivers a speech at our school

Ireland Promotion Day, with the participation of Irish Ambassador to Turkey

Perry Trimper, Speaker of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland & Labrador, visits our school

Australian Ambassador to Turkey says 'Wonderful to talk to the talented students of the school'

Exchange Students from Universities and our students meet for a better and more peaceful world

Consul General of Canada in Istanbul at Kabatas High School

Mayor of Shimonoseki & Consul General of Japan in Istanbul at Kabatas High School

“Japan Promotion Day”, with the cooperation of the Consulate General of Japan in Istanbul

Undersecretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea conducts a seminar to our students

University Placement Results of Kabatas High School 2016 Graduates & Notable Alumni

East Asia Summit & Kabatas Model United Nations in 2016




Consul General of Japan in Istanbul with Kabatas East Asia & World Project members
The 13th edition of the Istanbul Japanese Film Festival kicked off on Thursday night in association with the Consulate-General of Japan in Istanbul, the Japan Foundation and Tefken Company.

Kabatas East Asia & World Project Executive Board members, President Berat Talay, Vice President Pınar Mutluay, Deputy Secretary Generals Ceylin Özgür Erzen, Doğa Çınar, member Onur Öztemir, advisors Fahri Yavuz and Ümit Kurt attended the opening ceremony of the 13th edition of the Istanbul Japanese Film Festival and Japanese wind in the Otoman Palace exhibition at the Japanese Consulate of İstanbul

Consul-General of Japan in Istanbul, Norio Ehara and his wife Shizue Ehara welcomed Kabatas East Asia & World Project members cordially.

Kabatas East Asia & World Project Team members had the opportunity to have a pleasant conversation with Ulric Shannon, Consul-General of Canada in Istanbul during the event. Both of the Consul-Generals were kindly invited to conduct seminars to Kabatas High School students respectively.

A Tale of Samurai Cooking movie was also screened during the event.

A Tale of Samurai Cooking: A True Love Story 

Haru is an excellent cook with mastery skills in the kitchen. She was separated from her first husband because of her hasty character after staying married for only one year. One day, Dennai Funaki, the cook samurai in the Kaga Domain, offers her to marry his son. The Funaki Family, known as the "Kitchen Samurai," has served Kaga Domain with a "kitchen knife" instead of a "sword" for generations. But Haru's new husband, Yasunobu, is a terrible cook. Haru decides to teach her husband culinary arts in order to protect the name and reputation of the Funaki Family.

This story is inspired by a real family in Kaga Domain that has made countless major changes with its cuisine. The Kaga cuisine, which is served in Kutani porcelain and colorful lacquered cups, is famous for its wide variety and spectacular dishes. With its traditional dishes influenced by Chinese culture as well as ordinary folk dishes, Kaga cuisine is rivaled by Kyoto.

March 2, 2017

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