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Kabataş East Asia & World Project for a better and more peaceful world

Slovakian Ambassador to Turkey & Consul-General in Istanbul pay a visit to our school

Commemorative Concert held in memory of all martrys of Turkish nation

Commemorative event for the fallen soldiers of Poland & Turkey in World War I & World War II

President of the Republic of Turkey receives the students & teachers of Deak Ferenc and Kabatas High Schools

Commemorative event in Canada for the fallen soldiers of Canada & Turkey in World War I

Commemorative Concert to be held for the fallen soldiers & people of Turkish nation between 1912 - 1923

Commemorative event for the fallen soldiers of Hungary & Turkey in World War I

Commemoration event with the participation of Consul General of Czechia in Istanbul

Commemoration event for the fallen soldiers of Czechoslovakia & Turkey in World War I

Commemoration ceremony for the fallen soldiers of Canada & Turkey at the Battle of Gallipoli

UN Resident Coordinator in Turkey conducts a seminar regarding the efforts UN for world peace

Consul General of Japan in Istanbul delivers a speech at our school

Ireland Promotion Day, with the participation of Irish Ambassador to Turkey

Perry Trimper, Speaker of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland & Labrador, visits our school

Australian Ambassador to Turkey says 'Wonderful to talk to the talented students of the school'

Exchange Students from Universities and our students meet for a better and more peaceful world

Consul General of Canada in Istanbul at Kabatas High School

Mayor of Shimonoseki & Consul General of Japan in Istanbul at Kabatas High School

“Japan Promotion Day”, with the cooperation of the Consulate General of Japan in Istanbul

Undersecretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea conducts a seminar to our students

University Placement Results of Kabatas High School 2016 Graduates & Notable Alumni

East Asia Summit & Kabatas Model United Nations in 2016




Undersecretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea conducts a seminar to our students
 “Korean Promotion Day” was held with the cooperation between the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Kabatas High School. Undersecretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea Dong Woo Cho participated in the event and conducted a seminar to our students about the relations between Korea&Turkey. A seminar about education in Korea was also conducted by the counselor of Korean Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Yoon Seo Han.

The Executive Board members of Kabatas East Asia & World Project submitted a letter to the Undersecretary and requested his support for the articles of the Project below;

1. Koreans came into contact with Turks during the Korean War when Turkey became the second country to answer the call of the United Nations to defend the South from a Northern invasion.

Turkey dispatched over 15.000 soldiers to join the U.N. Command in Korea. The reinforced infantry brigade deployed to Korea became a good example to many nations' armed forces due to its military courage, discipline and spirit it displayed in the wars it participated in. 721 Turkish soldiers became martyrs in Korea and over 2000 soldiers wounded. 227,800 Korean soldiers died and 717,100 of them wounded.

We aim to transmit the memories of the Korean and Turkish martyrs and veterans to our students. To fulfil the objective, seminars, conferences and programs will be organised. Each year a special ceremony to commemorate Korean and Turkish soldiers who fought in the Korean war will take place in Kabatas High School.

5. As Korea, Japan and China are very beautiful countries with a rich culture and intriguing history, cultural programs will be presented to Kabatas Erkek Lisesi community to promote mutual understanding and respect for other cultures and traditions.

6. Kabatas High School gives great importance to social cooperation and ensures social, economic and environmental development through voluntary activities. Accordingly, it carries out various projects led both by the school administration and through the initiatives of its school and students.

We aim to seek the support of Korean, Japanese and Chinese embassies, consulate-generals and companies for our social responsibility projects.

7. United Nations World Humanitarian Summit took place on 23 - 24 May 2016 in İstanbul. It convened 9,000 participants from around the world to support a new shared Agenda for Humanity and take action to prevent and reduce human suffering.

United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon told the participants of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul,: “We are all here because global humanitarian action is unprecedentedly strained. We are here to shape a different future. Today we declare: We are one humanity, with a shared responsibility.”

We aim to invite United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon to Kabatas High School to share his experience and wisdom with our students and enlighten his remarks at UN World Humanitarian Summit. Some prominent people from Korea, Japan and China will also be invited to our school to share their experience and wisdom with our students.

8. Kabatas Erkek Lisesi, one of the oldest and internationally renowned high schools of Turkey, has committed itself to excellence in education.The students of our school are extremely hardworking, motivated, talented and intelligent. 

According to the university exam results, Kabatas High School has been one of the most successful high schools around Turkey.

Science and technology are the main drivers of industrial, economic and social development, and high school-industry linkages are vital to this process. The graduates of our school enrol prominent universities of Turkey.

Interaction is crucial for strenghtening the ties between Turkey and East Asia countries. We aim to establish high school - industry collaboration with Korean, Japanese and Chinese companies operating in Turkey. We believe that the companies will offer internships to our graduates after the first year of their university. Our motto is "Successful and gifted students are a matter of the country".

9. KMUN is a Model United Nations conference that is held annually in Kabatas High School, Istanbul since 2013. Model United Nations, is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

East Asia Summit was held at Kabatas High School in 2016 to discuss these issues;

I. Fighting against the threats posed by Non-State actors in East Asia

II. Promoting regional political and economic cooperation

III. The South China Sea dispute

Please click for details about Kabatas Model United Nations and East Asia Summit held in 2016;


Mutual understanding produced from exchanges between people and cultures possessing different backgrounds from one another is an indispensable element in nurturing trusting relations and developing friendly relations among countries and people.

We aim to hold Turkey, Korea, Japan and China Summit with the participation of high school students and teachers from these countries. The first summit will take place in Turkey the other ones will take place in the other countries. The agenda will be announced later.

10. Kabataş Erkek Lisesi’s facilities and the view of Bosphorus make it an ideal venue for conferences, seminars, meetings or training days in a historical complex. Korean, Japanese, Chinese embassies, consulates and companies may hold their events at our complex.

The participants of the events will kindly be invited to our school for meeting with our students so that our students will have the chance to contact with the people from these countries. This will enrich the ties between Turkey and East Asia countries.

14. Sister school partnerships broaden students awareness of the world around them and foster life-changing educational oppportunities.

International partnerships develop cultural comprehension, sensitivity and an appreciation of a different way of life.Intercultural exchanges encourage greater competency and confidence in language learning and communication skills.

We aim to sign sister school agreements with high schools worldwide to develop friendship, promote mutual understanding and cultural awareness.

December 19, 2016

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